Great Customer Experiences….Being Proactive

We so often hear the negative customer experiences, they are the ones that grab attention, we are shocked!, appalled!  but riveted by hearing about how companies stuff up!

What were they thinking? How could they do something like that? Why Why Why?

So for a change I thought I would relay  a great experience I had with Comcast recently. That’s right Comcast, the company with websites dedicated to a hatred of their customer service….

Don’t get me wrong I have had a number of bad comcast experiences in the past… for now however I have been turned around and feel a tremendous sense of loyalty… so what happened?

In our business internet speed is critical we have 3 offices around the globe as well as individual contractors scattered around different parts of Asia, Europe and the US and we use Skype to keep in touch with everyone…. a number of years ago I signed up for Comcast business service 8mbps for $160 per month. The service has been bullet proof… at the same time we signed on for Vonage which has been cost effective but the call quality has just not been good enough for professional calls. I would describe myself as a satisfied customer… but satisfaction is not always enough to guarantee ongoing business, companies need to over deliver and continually create more value.

Last week I was proactively contacted by Comcast and asked if I would be interested in bundling a phone with internet.. the bottom line is I will get a phone and faster internet (they are going to 22mbps next month) for $120. They are saving me about $80 a month (when I cancel Vonage). So what, big deal I hear you say…. well this is a great example of a company getting on the front foot to boost customer loyalty in tough times.

Every business wants to save money right now no matter what industry they are in or how profitable they are… why not proactively help customers save? Yes it may cost your business some margin but it will ensure customers are less vulnerable to switching and provide better life time value… so on balance there should be a better marketing ROI…

What are you doing to help your customers save money right now?