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The 5 Crucial Questions you must answer about your customers

There are 5 crucial questions every leader must answer about their customer base:

1. Which customers are your most valuable and why?

2. Which customers are costing you more time energy and stress than they are worth?

3. Who are your advocates? Customers that are driving new business by referring you to others?

4. Who are your ideal prospects?

5. Which prospects are most likely to become customers and why?

Why are the answers to these questions important? Understanding who your best existing and potential customers are is essential to growth and to the allocation of resources.

By spending more time with your best customers and less time with those that drain your resources you can free up the time necessary to attract new customers.

The answers to these questions should drive your marketing strategy, implementation tactics and ultimately improved return on investment (ROI) from all of these activities.

Do you know the answers?

Do you know who your customer curators and advocates are?

We ran another great SVAMA Panel event this past week with a Keynote from Jeremiah Owyang, now with Altimeter Group and a great panel of practioners.

I always like to gain at least one key takeaway and for me it was understanding more about a couple of key customers in any business. The curator and the advocate.

To summarize Jeremiah, the curator is a really small % of any customer base that actually takes the time to set-up infrastructure to enable other customers to engage on topics relevant to a specific company or brand. The example given was Coke which already had over one million followers on a facebook page set-up by a customer (curator).

Rob from Exuberance asked a key question for any business person, who are your advocates? Who are the people that really love what you do and positively and passionately influence others? In his experience and in mine often the answer from clients is that they do not know… (and yet they are a crucial engine of growth for any business).

Today is a good day to start identifying them and working on a strategy to help them help your business.