What is MarketCulture?

MarketCulture Strategies

MarketCulture is a relative term to describe:

  • The overarching culture of a business relating to the attention it focuses on markets and customers
  • The skills used to create value for customers
  • The level of belief that the ultimate purpose of the business is to create superior customer value, profitably

To break this down, a MarketCulture can be distilled into the following 8 disciplines:

External Company Factors:

  1. Customer Insight
  2. Customer Foresight
  3. Competitor Insight
  4. Competitor Foresight
  5. Peripheral Vision

Internal Company Factors:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Cross-functional Collaboration
  3. Strategic Alignment

We measure these factors for our clients using our Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) survey tool and benchmark them against the world’s best so they can measure and manage their company’s level of customer-centricity.

Research studies confirm that those organizations that exhibit a strong market culture produce a superior business performance. What’s more, relative market culture strength can be measured, compared and improved.

We have written extensively about this topic in our Award Winning Book, the Customer Culture Imperative

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