Retroactively Introducing the “Market Culturist”

In my last post I introduced the term “market culturist.”

In case you’re wondering, a “market culturist” is a new term I’m making up to describe someone that shares our philosophy — someone who gets what we do. There are a number of you out there. Perusing the Internet, I came across a great piece from the Church of the Customer, who are very much in sync with the customer side of “market culturism.” The article highlights Mark Cuban’s view on creating the right internal/team culture:

“You have to set the culture because that’s how people make decisions,” he says. “If you don’t know what your cause is, if you don’t know what your culture is and what you’re rewarded for and what’s respected and what’s expected, then you’ll make mistakes when you let people make judgments. Then you get all kinds of autocratic environments that don’t succeed.”

One response to “Retroactively Introducing the “Market Culturist”

  1. Peder, I like the term market culturist, these people are great role models for the behaviors we outline in the market culture model……