87% of CEOs are not creating adequate value

My business partners, (Sean and Linden) and I recently completed writing a new white paper with the title “The Truth about Profit Trends: What CEOs need to Know and Do” , to date it has been garnering a lot of interest.

It outlines some worrying trends related to company’s return on assets over the past 40 years and identifies some of the reasons behind these.

One of the key findings was that 87% of CEOs are simply not creating enough value. Given the CEO’s role is to drive the organization towards its vision and enable it to fulfill its purpose by creating value for its customers this is a worrying trend. What is stopping CEO’s from creating value?

The short answer is company culture, many firms have lost competitiveness due to an internally focused culture that kills innovation and eats strategy for breakfast. Without addressing culture CEO’s cannot be successful in creating the positive change necessary to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace.

You can access our new whitepaper from our new resources page here.