YIKES YELP! Feedback can be hard to take

No one really wants to be criticized, or receive negative feedback. But the reality is it is part of life and we can choose to accept it, fight it or use it productively to improve ourselves.

Not all feedback is useful, some has a hidden agenda, some comes from a person that has other issues distorting their view of the world and some comes from miscommunications or different expectations. Regardless as business people our goal should be what can I use to improve my performance. If we missed the mark how can we correct the course.

Often customer complains are viewed negatively in businesses and this causes companies to overlook vital cues to improve performance and build stronger satisfaction and loyalty. The way customer complaints are viewed is based on culture, does the culture embrace feedback and customer complaints and re-frame them in a positive light or are they viewed as distractions, annoyances the company can not do anything about?

A great example of how feedback can be hard to take is provided by Yelp in this article on the firm “Talking to the Chief of Yelp, the Site That Businesses Love to Hate”

The article highlights the power of customer feedback but also some of the challenges when that feedback is made public for all to view….