5 Questions you must ask to determine your company’s level of customer focus

I came across a great article today from the team at MIT Sloan Review questioning whether organizations are really customer focused.

As we know from our work many companies are delusional when it comes the real level of emphasis they place on customers. They often overestimate their level of customer focus and underestimate their competitors. Hence the reason we built an objective tool to provide a framework for this issue.

The article outlines 5 questions, I have summarized them here:

No. 1: Can your middle managers accurately describe your customer promise?

No. 2: Can all the members of your senior executive team name the three things that most undermine trust among your existing customers?

No. 3: Is your brand really the best option for customers? Will it continue to be next month and next year?

No. 4: Have you embraced any novel ideas that have produced significant innovations beyond the familiar during the past year?

No. 5: Have front-line staffers posed any uncomfortable questions or suggested any important improvements to your offering during the last three months?”

These questions provide a good starting place to begin the discussion but to do something about these issues it is critical to have a framework that allows everyone in the organization to buy into the changes that must be made.

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