Customer Centricity a vitamin or aspirin?

Customer Focus as Aspirin

Customer Focus as Vitamins

The vitamin versus aspirin analogy is a good way to think about the need for improved customer centricity in different companies.

Vitamins are generally seen as nice to haves, a small addition to one’s regular diet to enhance overall health. Whereas the aspirin provides immediate relief to pain.

Customer centricity plays both roles in different contexts, it can be the vitamin that maintains a company’s good health for those companies already with high levels of customer focus. In our work we often see companies with high levels of customer focused cultures being unsatisfied and wanting to continually push and drive for more customer knowledge and stronger value propositions.

We also work with companies facing new forms of competition or tectonic market shifts driven by technology. For these companies they view improving customer centricity as aspirin, there is an urgent need to improve customer focus just to survive.

Is customer focus a “nice to have” or mandatory in your business?

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