What is the purpose of business?

What's the purpose of business?

Ask anyone this question and you will get a variety of answers, the most common being to make a profit. While certainly to make a profit is a requirement I don’t believe it is a business’s reason for being.

Most businesses start out with a problem that needs solving. This problem is one usually experienced by many others. The business develops services and products to solve this problem better than any alternative and WHAMO it has something that people will pay for!

Unfortunately what happens over time is the focus of the business becomes the profit it generates rather than the problems it solves for customers. This often results in short term profit maximization at the expense of customers rather than for their benefit.

The outcome of this short term profit focus often results in toxic cultures where internal groups work against one another rather than for the benefit of the entire organization. The original purpose of the business is lost and employees become disconnected.

By realigning the business with its customers and rallying around a single focus, maximizing outcomes for customers, businesses can find their way again and produce even larger profits.

Remember profit is the RESULT of creating the best possible outcomes for your customers not the other way around.

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