How customer service stories can fire up your staff!

Creating a customer centric culture can be hard work. The goal of creating a culture where business decisions at every level of the organization, in every function are made with customers in mind takes effort and great leadership.

One way to drive continued momentum is to hear stories of great customer service that inspire and motivate. Here are a couple of great videos from some Customer Service experts describing some of the experiences they have had and the impact it had on them.

This first one is from a great customer service speaker, Shep Hyken, describing how a taxi driver can create a great experience just by doing things a little differently:

This second video is from Ross Shafer, an Emmy award winning TV host turned Leadership consultant and author. In it he tells the story of how one person made a huge impact during a routine stay at a hotel during one of his roadshows.

This next one would be really cool if it actually happened! Regardless it is an inspiring promise to customers and stands out from the crowd in terms of airline advertising:

Finally here is a video we created about what we think it really means to be a customer centric organization:

One response to “How customer service stories can fire up your staff!

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. As our blog testifies we are great believers in customer service stories too. They also encourage customers to become promoters and advocates.