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Customer communications that pack a punch

impacting customers emotionally

A core skill set of customer focused organizations is the ability to connect powerfully with customers using messages that cut through and speak to people at an emotional level.

One of the most challenging issues authorities have been trying to address in countries around the world is creating the “seatbelt” wearing habit.

In 2009, 33,ooo people died in car accidents in the US and more than 50% of those killed were not wearing seatbeats.

It’s an insidious problem with a massive pay-off. Can you image creating a message so powerful it saves people’s lives?

Creating communications that can change people’s behavior for their own good requires a deep understanding of the “customer” – in this case “car drivers”.

Governments usually take the legal enforcement route to influence drivers, that is, don’t wear a seatbelt and you will receive a fine. While this does provide a negative consequence it has proven not to be enough. What is needed is to connect wearing a seltbelt with a powerful emotional trigger or association. The ad below was recently shared with me by a friend – a great example of its viral effect. It connects with the viewer in one of the most powerful ways possible:

With more than 15 million views and without a single word this communication piece packs a powerful punch. It connects with the most compelling reason drivers have to look after their own safety – not for their own well being but for the security of their closest loved ones.

Are your communications connecting  powerfully with your customers?

How knowing your customers improves your ability to communicate

Stop shouting at your customers

It may sound obvious but the better you know who your customers are and what their preferences are the better your chances of finding them without having to SHOUT!

How do you get the attention of your potential customers?

What media do your customers prefer to use to get information on the problems you can solve? With the ever expanding universe of media options how do you decide where to invest? Let your customers make the decisions for you.

Where do they spend time online? Where do they network? How do they learn more about their profession? Who are they influenced by?

Finding out more about your customer’s preferences is crucial to making the right investment decisions. However choosing the right media vehicles (mouth pieces) is only half of the journey. What you have to say to customers when you find them is even more important.

What insight do you have about customers that can demonstrate you know them perhaps better than they know themselves?

Being an Ironman triathlete one of my favorite examples of this comes from the following Cliff Bar commercial which shows what its like to be a “triathlete”

This super creative 30 second tv spot really speaks to the target customer. It says we know who you are and how you feel, it is a great example of connecting with customers on an emotional level.

Was it successful? Only Cliff Bar have the actual data on that but as a customer its something I love to talk with other triathletes about. The impact of the message also means that Cliff Bar is always top of mind when it comes to selecting or recommended sports nutritional products to others.

Which company ads or messages really stand out for you?