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Great SVAMA Event w/ Carmine Gallo Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon we had an SVAMA-sponsored lunch presentation by Carmine Gallo.  He presented topics from his new book, Fire Them Up via (Amazon), which discusses great communication techniques.  However, more than simply summarizing his points, we were able to put the pieces into practice.

After explaining 7 components that fill in the acronym “INSPIRE” participants were asked to practice their elevator speeches, and the group and Carmine offered critiques.  It was funny, one after the other the pitches improved:  Bad pitch, critique, better pitch, critique, great pitch.  I was reminded of the book Made to Stick which gives a similar set of techniques that anyone can use to improve the resonance of their message.  I do appreciate these techniques that work no matter who uses them.

The INSPIRE acronym:

I – Ignite your own enthusiasm
N – Navigate the way with a consistent memorable vision
S – Sell the benefit by putting your listeners first
P – Paint a picture with powerful, memorable, actionable stories
I – Invite participation by asking for input and dealing with objections
R – Reinforce an optimistic outlook by becoming a beacon of hope
E – Encourage people to reach their potential by praising and investing in them