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An Individual Also Has A Market Culture

So often we talk about a Market Culture as being something that an organization (company, business unit) possesses.  We forget to mention that the actions that define this way of business life start at the individual.

Personal Culture => Group Culture

Your Market Culture => Your Company’s Market Culture

So every day ask yourself, “What have I done today to be a strong Market Culturalist?

  1.  What new Customer Insight will I gain today?
  2. What new Competitor Awareness will I have today?
  3. How will I Collaborate today?  Both internally and externally?
  4. Will I take into account the Long-Term Impact of my decisions?
  5. Will I encourage and display Leadership today?

These questions will not only help lead your day to day activities toward those best for your business, but will provide a “leading by doing” example for your coworkers.