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IBM’s CMO describes the new marketing organization

In a recent interview with “Marketing Management”, the CMO of IBM, Jon Iwata described the future of the marketing organization:

“If you were about to create a new marketing department, what would be in it?
I do think brand and culture has to be managed as one indivisible mission … I think the ideal marketing department would have strong collaborative skills to collaborate with external entities, starting with clients, but also strong collaborative skills to collaborate with HR, legal and sales.”

What is very clear is that for marketing to continue to be a meaningful contributor to business performance it not only has to enable delivery of short-term growth objectives but also needs to tackle the strategic issues of leveraging and aligning the culture in a way that maximizes the success of the organization.

Jon’s views on this issue and ours are very closely aligned, marketing needs to use its skills not only to influence customer behavior but also that of employees inside the organization to truly create lasting sustainable value.

This visual highlights our view of how market-driven firms build a culture that creates the type of customer experiences that drives customer satisfaction, advocacy and ultimately the bottom line. Marketing as a function clearly has the opportunity and I would argue obligation to take on this role now and in the future.