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The Secret to High Impact Customer Communications – Lessons from Virgin

A challenge all businesses have is to be noticed by their potential customers.

How do you grab attention with a message that resonates with customers and keeps your business top of mind?

A really great example comes from Virgin Mobile in Australia, they developed a new campaign called Fair Go Bro . It is a very cleverly designed campaign that plays on a major cultural theme in Australian society that is the idea of “fairness”

By starring none other than Brad Pitt’s brother Doug, Virgin has “borrowed interest” via the borrowed interest’s brother!, saving millions of dollars. According to the press release from Virgin it had 1.3 million views in the first week with “no media support”.

No doubt Doug exorcized years of sibling resentment by becoming a advertising star on Australia TV.

So what is the secret? Virgin understands the customer’s environment and how they “feel” about purchasing mobile phones in Australia – they have deep customer insight. They are able to connect emotionally by leveraging the “fairness” idea and make people pay attention by leveraging an unusual idea. Instead of hiring the celebrity everyone expects you to hire do something different – it is this “unexpected” element that makes the campaign stick.

Where does the appetite for creative customer focused campaigns like this come from? From an organization that is truly passionate about the value it has to offer its customers. Virgin has a customer centered culture that wants to stand out, be different and provide products and services that exceed customer’s expectations.

Can you imagine a competitive company running a campaign this creative and unique?