Why companies must embrace customer complaints

Customer complaints can often be a source of angst and negativity for businesses. What are they complaining about now….can’t we do anything right?

If not managed correctly this can lead to significant drops in employee morale and negative feelings towards customers which creates more customer complaints, a vicious cycle ensues….

So how should companies deal with these issues? They should learn to embrace complaints, bring them to the surface, use them positively to create change and make things better.

A interesting example is a company called Pizza Delphina that have actually used the customer comments from the review site Yelp and placed them on t-shirts worn by their servers.

Customer Complaints from Yelp

Customer Complaints from Yelp

Is this a good idea? It maybe to early to tell… but it is one way to embrace negative feedback. The only question I have is are they really doing anything with the feedback? or is this just entertainment value? Is it valid feedback or just people having a bad day and taking it out on the Pizza place?

The bottom line is that complaints are easier to make and I think on balance that is a good thing. What matters most however is what companies choose to do with that feedback to improve the way they do business.