Are Fortune 100 CEOs laggards on customer focus?

The slide show above provides some statistics on the low levels of CEO participation in social media. Given the nature and intense time pressure of these roles it is understandable, social media is a nice to have for these CEOs and is not really impacting their ability to be highly effective, think Steve Jobs and Tim Cook…..
However, social media as a channel is an incredible tool for engaging customers and partners in conversation, getting feedback, developing a new understanding about markets, creating value by providing new insights and knowledge and creating transparent, open lines of communication. I also believe that companies with effective social media activities are generally more customer focused although I have not seen any data.
On the other hand I believe many of these CEOs are laggards when it comes to driving real customer focus in their businesses and this is a missed opportunity.
Building a culture that includes the customer’s point of view into each decision ensures alignment and long term success.
“What’s good for the customer, is good for the business”
This statement should be a driving force for all CEOs to maintain alignment with their markets. Any other situation will not drive profitable growth over time (unless you are a monopoly!).
It is a simple operating philosophy but in our experience one that does not drive most CEOs agendas.
What is your experience?

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