The irresistible force meets the immovable object – Customer Experience meets Corporate Culture

customer experience and corporate culture

In this age of the customer, improving the customer experience has become an “irresistible force”. Companies have seen their products commoditized as competition intensifies and the speed of product introductions continues to accelerate.

The customer experience provides an opportunity to create differentiation. How you treat customers across all company touch points provides a treasure trove of opportunities to build more value.

An exploration of the customer experience uncovers new insights into what really drives value for customers. For example in the telecommunications industry the one constant communication customers receive every month is there bill. Customer’s ability to understand the bill and the way it is presented to them has a significant impact on how customers feel about their telecommunications provider. In fact a confusing bill can be a cause of customer churn.

As companies begin to recognize the opportunity to create better customer experiences they come up against the “immovable object”, corporate culture.

Customer experiences are ultimately created by employees. Without a corporate culture that supports a focus on customers, customer experience leaders face the challenge of creating the culture necessary to deliver on the desired customer experience.

So how do you address this challenge?

We wrote a series of blog posts to help:

Start here with “5 ways to Ignite Customer Culture Change”

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