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Driving increased customer focus using “Conditions of Satisfaction”

Last week we had our first webinar in the Market-Driven Leadership series and I was honored to host Jeffrey Hayzlett the former Chief Marketing Officer of Eastman Kodak.

One of the topics raised from his new book, “The Mirror Test” was the idea of “Conditions of Satisfaction”. The idea is to drive change and improvements in organizational performance by establishing the critical elements a company must deliver on to satisfy customers. Once these are established they can be used to rally people around delivering.

Jeff shared his experience during a recent McDonalds drive through where he was asked to wait to the side for his order. This action was a clear break in the McDonalds conditions of satisfaction. Many customers go to McDonalds because they are busy, they need fast service and want to get their food and get on their way. Every time McDonalds fails this test they fail to deliver on their conditions of satisfaction…

It is a nice model for thinking about how as marketers we can rally the organization around its purpose and really deliver on it.

If you are interested in seeing the full recorded webinar click here.