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Recession? Time to grow the business!

In an article entitled Seven Winning Tactics During a Downturn, MarketCulture chairman Linden Brown outlines some tactics to use during a downturn that help grow market share and improve the value your company provides its customers.  Chief among them:

  1. Take another look at your firm’s mission. How well does it emphasize your customer?
  2. Reconsider the team you have in place, and trim only those that don’t provide customer value. Across the board cuts miss this point.
  3. Spend more time researching your customer and the competition.
  4. Price strategically. Resist the urge to drop prices.

Be aggressive during a downturn and focus your team’s energy where it needs to be: On building profitable consumer value.

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Article Published with the CMO Council

We have an article published with the CMO Council in the December 2007 issue of Marketing Magnified.

Our team, led by Chief Value Delivery Officer Sean Gallagher, highlights the importance of culture on business performance and why it’s more important than CRM, Marketing Performance Measurement, and other popular marketing tactics including *gasp* blogging.

In essence, evidence shows that organizational culture is hugely correlated with profitability metrics.  Most people in business know that strong marketing skills are needed to bring in new business and maintain satisfied customers, but not many folks are aware of how their firm stacks up.